May, 1978

A trip taken in 1978 on the 1973 Guzzi California Police (Eldorado).  The brief entries are from a journal that I used to keep on some of these early trips.


Left Saturday around 11:00 AM the weekend of Memorial Day to Arcata.  Went via Black Point cut-off.  Ate in Vallejo at R.J.s.

Got gas at Ukiah, arrived Arcata around 6:00 PM

Monday morning I took CA-299 to Redding after gassing up at Arcata.  From Redding I took CA-299 to Burney Falls where this is being written.  I plan to sleep at Lassen Park tonight.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Arrived Lassen around 6:00 PM.  I rode until the road was closed due to snow.  Snow everywhere!  Yet, it isn't cold and there isn't any wind.  Threw snowballs at trees.  Saw three deer in the road at different times.  Spent the night here.  Only one other person in the entire campground.

Left around 9:30 AM via CA-44 to Susanville where I ate.

From there to Hallelujah Junction just above Reno, along CA-70 all the way to Oroville and then Sacramento.

The bike still leaks oil from the back of the transmission.  It also pings while under load.  No doubt a tune-up would solve that.


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