August, 1983

This was a very quick weekend trip from Wichita to Rocky Mountain National Park, over the hill, and then back to Wichita. The motorcycle is a 1973 Guzzi California Police Special. That's a Harley windshield, saddle bags off a Guzzi Convert, and driving lights and extra taillights from the local auto parts store.


It was around 11:00 Friday night when I got out of bed, got on the bike, and took off to Colorado. Something of a spur-of-the-moment trip.

Around 2:00 AM I stopped at a rest stop for the night, and then early the next morning I continued on. I didn't have much time to stop and gawk.


This is about the 10,000 foot level.   Trail ridge road climbs to about 12,000 feet (I'd guess). Even though it was summer, the snow bank was about 10' at the top. 

 The view from near the top of Trail Ridge Road

I spent the night in the town of Winter Park, on the other side of the pass.  I had intended to continue on, but it looked like it was raining further on ahead at Berthoud Pass. 


The next day, it turned out to be raining anyway. It rained all the way back to Wichita.


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