August, 2004


An afternoon spent riding through the Flint Hills of Kansas.

First, lunch in Peabody:

Then into the hills on whatever roads looked most interesting.

Eventually, the roads turn to trails, then turn to cow paths, and then go away entirely. No matter.

The creek was crossed, but the trail was long gone. I descended down the slope about where you see those rocks in the water, and then climbed up the other side.

At this point, I was riding while standing up (to be able to see where I might be headed), but had no clue what sort of surface I was riding over. There were occasional larger rocks, and the occasional pit, but nothing so troublesome to stop me. Just keep riding and eventually you'll hit a fence or a road or a creek.

The village of Wonsevu, Kansas. There's not much left, but what's there is kept up nicely.

On a ridge line in the Flint Hills.

Miles and miles and miles...


last edit: 3/16/2005