October 15, 2005

Lyons Creek extends north of Woodbine in central Kansas. Wolf Road and Lyons Creek Road are a couple of nice motorcycle roads that follow the creek.


Durham, Kansas (lunch time at the Main Street cafe. Baked sausage is today's special--this is a heavily German/Mennonite area)

The road west out of Durham (follows the path of the old Santa Fe Trail)

Woodbine, Kansas. That's the town pump and flagpole being protected in the center of the Main Street intersection.

Lyons Creek

Wolf Road

This abandoned stone block farm house is on Lyons Creek Road.

A increasingly rare Rainbow bridge still in use.

I just happened on opening day at Junction City Harley-Davidson. Free hot dogs and drinks!


Talmage, Kansas Episcopal Church.

Canton, Kansas (dinner time at the Canton cafe)


last edit: 5/2/2006