February 26, 2005

It was a brisk Saturday in February when I took the Daytona for a quick ride, north out of Wichita.


Goessel, Kansas is a Mennonite community off of highway 15. The grocery store actually has a conveyer system for the single cash register.  Pretty up-town, I'd say.

Canton, Kansas and their hot and cold water towers. Heh.


North of Canton. The old highway bridge. Notice the ornaments on the rails. A bridge to be proud of.

Abandoned farmhouse on the road to Roxbury.

Roxbury, Kansas. The old service station has seen more active days.

Standing in the middle of the busiest intersection in Roxbury, looking west on county road 429.

Near Lindsborg, the old highway bridge across the Smokey River.

The Smokey River

Buhler, Kansas.

The Arkansas River.


last edit: 3/15/2005