March 26, 2006

White Cloud is at the far northeast corner of Kansas. I’d never been there, which is as good a reason as any to ride there.


The Mennonite church in Goessel, Kansas

Abilene, Kansas has quite a few impressive old homes.


Crossing the Big Blue River

The Big Blue.

Breakfast in the diner…

Seneca, Kansas

John Deere dealership in Hiawatha, Kansas

…in the Hiawatha cemetery.

White Cloud, Kansas is not really on the way to anything, but the roads are good. It's just a few miles south of Nebraska, and just across the river from Missouri.

…getting closer

This is it. White Cloud.


…on the Missouri River.



reasonable offers accepted…


Running across the bottom of Nebraska.

Pawnee City.

Yes, that's snow.


Westmoreland, Kansas.

Wamego, Kansas.

The Kansas River.

Alma, Kansas.

South of Alma.

This Clements bridge was built in 1885.

Clements, Kansas.


last edit: 4/30/2006