April 9, 2006

This was a ride through Oklahoma--done, in large part, to see Little Chief, Oklahoma. Little Chief is in the Osage Nation between Pawhuska and Ponca City (well off the highway). I wasn’t expecting to see much there, and I didn't.


On the highway into town. While it may not look like it, the road does have more pavement than otherwise.

The town is just over the hill and to the right (along the creek)

I wasn't sure if those houses weren't the town. I think not. Although, there's so little left of the town that I could be wrong.

There once was a real town here. These days you have to use your imagination to see what it might have once been. This was the only commercial building I saw.

Continuing on the same road, running south out of Little Chief.

The oil pumps were working.

Following the Little Chief creek.

The bridge across the creek. It was a gorgeous day for riding.

Looking west into the setting sun.

This is Fairfax, Oklahoma; home of Maria Tallchief.

Crossing the Stillwater River

You can just see a few fishermen along the river.

A nice stretch of old Route 66 west of Chandler

Hennessey, Oklahoma

In memory of a Hennessey boy who died during the charge up San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders

Okeene, Oklahoma

The Cimarron River

Crossing over the river and into “no man’s land”

Helena, Oklahoma is well off the well-traveled highway

The 1940 Capron high school has long been closed.

General Merchandise, Capron, Oklahoma.

Abandoned farm house just south of the Kansas border.


Kansas farm. The land is never abandoned, even if the houses are.

Looking north to Hazelton, Kansas

As many miles as you want. Just like this.


last edit: 4/30/2006