April 15, 2007

Certainly, this is not a trip report. For one thing, Norwich, Kansas isn't all that far away (less than 40 miles).


It occurred to me that I didn't have any recorded sound of the Daytona. So, I put the camera on a rock, pushed the button, and went for a short ride...

As it turned out, after I collected the camera and went to start the motorcycle--nothing. There was power to the fuel pump, but nothing else. Clearly a fuse had blown. Then I found that of all the tools I had with me, I didn't have a simple 5mm internal hex wrench. Enter these two guys (who were on their way to work at a Norwich foundry): they had the right size wrench. I removed the rear seat cowling, replaced the blown fuse, and was good to go.


last edit: 4/16/2007