May 13, 2007

The main goal for this trip was to drop by the Guzzi Rally in Anderson, Missouri. The second goal was to see what was in Montana, Kansas.


The Labette county road to Montana.

Montana, Kansas. There's not really a lot more to the town than what you see in the photograph.


Spring River, near Quapaw, Oklahoma. The Nez Perce Indians that surrendered with Chief Joseph were brought here in 1878. By 1885 they were allowed to return to the Wallowa. Of the 421 that had surrendered, 282 were alive to return.


Highway 43, west of Anderson.

The Guzzi Rally in Anderson.

Celebrating the marriage of Luap and La Sandra. Luap was also the host of the rally.


There were actually five Norges in attendance, but only four managed to get together at one time.

Walking to dinner with several other Guzzi riders.

 Thanks Mike (on the right) for the clutch cable!


Fairland, Oklahoma for breakfast.


Bluejacket, Oklahoma. I couldn't find anything that looked like a main business district. I think this is it.

The Verdigris River. As with all the rivers today, the water was high and fast.

Nowata County, Oklahoma.

Riding Highway 10 through the Osage Nation.



I stopped at Bowring, Oklahoma for a water break. This guy acted pretty fierce when I rolled into town, but that effort didn't last long.

The Bowring school.

Mud fight!

Crossing the Caney River in Oklahoma.


Elgin, Kansas.

Elk County, Kansas.

Grenola, Kansas.

A couple on a BMW enjoying the afternoon.

The old Grenola school house.



A final stop at Cambridge, Kansas for a chocolate malt.


last edit: 5/13/2007