November 2, 2008


Burdick, Kansas is on the route of the old Santa Fe Trail. There is but one paved road into town, and this is it:

Looking north on Main Street.

Buildings on Main Street.




The elementary school (no longer used).


The high school (no longer used).

The houses of Burdick.




Dogs of Burdick.


Trains haven't been through Burdick for many years.

"In memory of our boys, World War, 1917 - 1918"


The Burdick cemetery.



The Santa Fe Trail crossing at the Cottonwood River.


The approaches to the river banks were leveled to aid the descent of the wagons into the water. You can still see some evidence of that.

Miles and miles and miles.

Maintain a steady 45 mph and you'll be fine.

Do not argue right-of-way. Pull over and wait.


last edit: 11/2/2008