April 6, 2008


Tampa, Kansas is in Marion county on the old Santa Fe Trail.

I stopped at Hillsboro for lunch. This is largely a Mennonite region, so the food was hearty.

Tampa is at the end of a rather poorly paved road.

The view north along Main Street.

The old church is a warehouse, and the boardinghouse is empty.




Main Street, farther north from the town center.

The abandoned school is an especially nice building.


The view from right field.

The Lutheran cemetery is just northeast of town. Many of the markers are in German. This cemetery is directly on the path of the Santa Fe Trail (the old ruts are still visible).


Pilsen is not too far south from Tampa.

Captain Emil Kapaun was born in Pilsen, Kansas. He died in 1951, a POW in North Korea.

South towards Marion.

Marion, Kansas.


last edit: 4/6/2008