July 11, 2010

Ron and Leah have land between Peru and Sedan, Kansas that is ideal for motorcycle trials riding. The Ark Valley Trials Association (AVTA) was holding an event this Sunday.


When I arrived in the afternoon the bulk of the events had already concluded as they had doubled things up in the morning to avoid the heat (which was near 100 degrees). A smart decision.

A few miles of nicely graded dirt and gravel to get to the site.

The site is in a hilly and rocky section of Chautauqua County.

The basic rule is simple: Ride the section without putting your foot down.  Speed is unimportant.



It's a one-at-a-time thing. Wait your turn until the section is clear.  Between sections, it's just old-fashion trail riding.


Trials motorcycles have changed quite a bit over the last thirty years.  Everything is done standing up--a seat is just so much extra weight.


Returning; this is Howard, Kansas.



last edit: 7/11/2010