March 28, 2010

An afternoon ride north to the Smoky River (at Enterprise) and then back.  Mainly, I wanted to pay attention to the town of Canada. I'd been on the road many times, but hadn't recalled ever seeing the town by that name that was supposed to be there.


It won't be long until the trees and undergrowth are fully leafed-out, hiding this old house from view.

It's not clear which part of this house was built first. It has two chimneys, which is not always the case.

Canada, Kansas. There's just not enough of this town to photograph.

Hillsboro, Kansas for lunch.

While it looks still in very good shape, this house was empty.

I'm standing in a cut milo field. Likely this elevator is full.

Else, why would they have piled it on the ground?

Navarre, Kansas.

Enterprise, Kansas.

The Smokey Hills River.

A nice house not too many miles east of Abilene.

Abilene, Kansas is most noted for being the home of the Eisenhower Library and Museum. But, it is also home to the Racing Greyhound Museum and Hall of Fame. 

This very friendly greeter came up to me when I entered the lobby and put his muzzle in my hand. He's a champion and is actually in the hall-of-fame.  Sorry, but I didn't catch his name.



The orange device (below) is an early lure machine, which is used to propel the artificial rabbit around the track while the greyhounds chase after it.


Each dog in the hall-of-fame has an accompanying genealogy as well as a written summary of their racing successes. There are also many dog owners and trainers in the hall-of-fame, but their genealogy is not listed...



A Lutheran church not very far from New Gottland.


last edit: 3/28/2010