November, 2011

This was something of a spur-of-the-moment trip. Thanksgiving at Ruth's house in Vancouver. Why not?


It was drizzling when I arrived, but it was never all that bad. A large percentage of the taxicabs in Vancouver are Toyota Prius'. You'd think they might not be as robust as a taxi would need to be, but perhaps that is not the case.


The Thanksgiving meal. Of course, they really don't celebrate the American Thanksgiving holiday in Canada. But, then, why should they?

Just a few of Ruth's remarkable (and original) hanging artworks.



Early next morning (after a very nice swim), the day was gorgeous.

I would walk over one bridge (Granville), and return later in the day over another.

Walking across Vancouver. This is a pedestrian-friendly place.


The Grey Cup football championship game was to be played the next day.  This marching band was scheduled to be part of the show. But, for now, they are playing in front of the old Olympic flame.


I walked across the city (downtown), reached Vancouver Harbour, and turned left.


The Vancouver Rowing Club.

  Stanley Park has got to be one of the best city parks in the entire world. Well done, Lord Stanley, for making it all possible!



The Vancouver Aquarium is within the park. It's not an especially large place but has very well done exhibits (not to mention the beautiful white Beluga Whales)





A football field in the park.

Looking across the river. I assume the yellow is sulphur waiting to be loaded into the ore ship.


This is the Lion's Gate Bridge. I'd be walking around the perimeter of the park.



I had lunch at the Prospect Point restaurant.




It seems there are always tankers and ore ships waiting at the entrance.

A turbine-conversion Otter is one of the more common floatplanes.


Still following the path around the park.


And, entering Vancouver, once again.

The work is called "A-Maze-ing Laughter." It's by Yue Minjun and was done for the Vancouver Biennale

This is Burrard Bridge (crossing False Creek).

Looking over to the Granville Bridge (where I started the day).

Ruth's building. What a nice place.

The next afternoon we walked to Granvile Island to see the play "The Blood Brothers." It was quite well done even if the play itself wasn't especially strong. We enjoyed it.

Picking up some salmon for the evening munching. The Granville Island market is amazing.


And, so quickly, it's time to return. That's the Vancouver airport lounge on the left, and the Seattle lounge on the right. These places all tend to look the same after awhile.


And back home.


last edit: 11/30/2011