December 4, 2011

The Nelson-Atkins art museum is in Kansas City, Missouri. I've been there many times.


Since this underground parking area was added, it's now a whole lot easier to visit. Of course, this parking entrance is hardly close to the grandeur of the entrances above ground.

The view from the south. The lawn extends much farther than is even shown here.

The chrome tree is a new addition to the sculpture garden.


The reason for the visit was the special exhibit of George Ault.  The collection had just been in the Smithsonian before traveling to the Nelson-Atkins last month.

As is usual, photography is not allowed in the special exhibits.  These two excerpted images (of paintings that were on display) were plucked from the web. The exhibit was titled "To Make a World: George Ault and 1940s America."


Outside the special exhibits, photography has always been allowed at the Nelson-Atkins. I took a few pictures of paintings that I always seen to note.


The popular "museum guard" has been moved to the interiors collection.  I expect he'll move along to another location in time. First time visitors always do a double-take.





I did not know there was a town in Kansas that begins with "X." This is Xenia, Kansas. I do not believe it ever amounted to much.

Bronson, Kansas (a dark and empty scene that George Ault would appreciate).

El Dorado, Kansas


last edit: 12/4/2011