June, 2011


Vineet Bansal and Manivasagam Ramalingam were visiting engineers from Bangalore, India.  It's a good opportunity to see parts of Kansas and Oklahoma that might look a little different than what they've been used to.

The Maxwell Wildlife Refuge (near Canton, Kansas).  That's Vineet on the left and Mani on the right.


It's not a long drive to the Alabaster Caverns, southwest of Alva, Oklahoma.  Natesan Ramachandran would be joining Vineet and Mani for today's trip.


The Cimarron River is looking a bit dry.

Freedom, Oklahoma and walking the bridge across the Cimarron on this very hot day.

Alabaster Caverns State Park, Oklahoma.

It's all about [CaSO4 2H2O]

Our guide gave us plenty of information on the caverns, the plants and bats.







Little Sahara State Park, Oklahoma.

There wasn't any dune-buggy activity on this hot day, so it was safe enough to be out on the sand.

Wheat fields of Oklahoma

Capron, Oklahoma (Oklahoma Highway-11).

Burlington, Oklahoma.


last edit: 6/10/2011