September, 2011

The Fall running of the Springfield Mile and Short-Track races.


The short track races are at the rodeo arena on the Springfield, Illinois state fair grounds.


This is the last season for long-time racer Chris Carr. He's one of the best ever (below)


The Short Track dash-for-cash has a handful of the top qualifiers in a short race.

Short Track, Dash-for-Cash
   1 Jeffrey Carver Yamaha YZ 450F
   2 Jake Johnson Honda CRF450R
   3 Brad Baker Honda CRF450R
   4 Kenny Coolbeth, Jr. Kawasaki KX450F
   5 Chad Cose Honda CRF450R
    6 Henry Wiles Kawasaki KX450F

The Short-Track main event.

Short Track, Main Event
   1 Henry Wiles Kawasaki KX450F
    2 Jake Johnson Honda CRF450R
   3 Jeffrey Carver Yamaha YZ 450F
   4 Brad Baker Honda CRF450R
   5 Sammy Halbert Yamaha YZ 450F
   6 Kenny Coolbeth. Kawasaki KX450F
   7 Chris Carr Honda CRF450R
   8 Robert Pearson Yamaha YZ 450F
   9 Matt Weidman Honda CRF450R
    10 Jared Mees Honda CRF450R

Our winner gives his grandmother a big hug.


It takes a lot of work by many people to bring these events together.


The next day at the mile track.


The announcer and the flagman.



Track maintenance is a constant thing.



There are wheel-sensors under the dirt that need to be calibrated.


Nearly a full house.

The Singles Final event. The bikes are very closely matched, which can make you cringe as they all enter the turn together. The twins tend to spread out a bit more and are clearly more careful (and trusting) of their competitors.

Mile, Singles Main Event
   1 Jake Shoemaker Honda CRF450R
   2 Zakk Palmer Honda CRF450R
    3 Briar Bauman Honda CRF450R
   4 Shayna Texter Honda CRF450R
    5 Jake Cunningham Yamaha YZ 450F
   6 Cody Johncox Yamaha YZ 450F
   7 Michael Martin Honda CRF450R
    8 Michael Bickerton Honda CRF450R
   9 Michael Toon Honda CRF450R
   10 Jeremy Hamilton Honda CRF450R

During the intermission; a walk outside the grandstands.


Perhaps not the best food in town, but most is surprisingly good.




When you're at the top of the grandstands, you pay attention to the details.



After a red-flag, the bikes start in the order they last crossed the line.

The Twins final race.

Mile, Twins Main Event
   1 Willie McCoy Harley-Davidson
    2 Chris Carr Harley-Davidson
   3 Jake Johnson Harley-Davidson
   4 Kenny Coolbeth Harley-Davidson
    5 Jared Mees Harley-Davidson
   6 Johnny Lewis Kawasaki
    7 Sammy Halbert Harley-Davidson
   8 Brad Baker Ducati
    9 Matt Weidman Harley-Davidson
   10 Nichole Cheza Harley-Davidson

A very popular winner.

After the races, and crossing under the track through the tunnel.


The Lloyd Brothers Motorsports Ducati.



Not really replicas, these bikes have something of the flavor of the old board trackers from the 1920s.


The crowd is gone.

The crew behind the scenes.


last edit: 9/5/2011