September, 2016

To the Santa Rosa, California Mile for the flat track races.


There is a stretch of old Route-66 between Kingman and Needles (now called the Oatman-Topock Highway) over Sitgreaves Pass, which is one of the more challenging bits of paved road in the United States.  There are places where the speed limit is posted at 15 mph and you'll find few options if you misjudge your speed.

At the summit, there's a Ford Model A with a flat tire.  He needed a jack; I've got one.  Yes; this is Route-66.



Needles, California was once an important stop on Route-66 as well as depot for the Santa Fe Transcontinental Railroad.

The old 1908 El Garces Hotel was one of the very best of the old Fred Harvey hotels built for the railway.  The last time I stopped here, the hotel was in very poor shape, but I'd heard that renovations were since done.  I stopped to look.


It's looking very good!  It happens that this evening would be a program on Route-66 and the noteworthy women along that road.  I checked into my room (not in El Garces), and then came back to listen to the program.  Add this to the list of interesting things you might come across.


The Bakersfield National Cemtery is near the intersection of CA-223 and CA-58, just down the hill from Keene.  It is quite a recent thing, first opening in 2009.

Looking back at the road that comes off Bear Mountain and into the small town of Arvin.

The site of the Santa Rosa Mile at the fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California.  The track is pretty lumpy, even before any motorcycles have been on it.







The new Indian racer.  This last race of 2016 would be its debut.  It did well (winning the Dash-for-Cash).

The rider's meeting before the practice session.


Lining up to go out on the track for one of the morning practice runs (and timing session).



There was a good turn-out (as there has been at nearly every event this year).

Final Results - Twins

1. Brad Baker - Eatonville, WA. Harley-Davidson
2. Bryan Smith - Swartz Creek, MI. Kawasaki
3. Jared Mees - Clio, MI. Harley-Davidson
4. Brandon Robinson - Oxforf, PA. Harley-Davidson
5. Henry Wiles - Winn, MI. Kawasaki
6. Sammy Halbert - Graham, WA. Ducati
7. Joe Kopp - Mica, WA. Indian
8. Jr Addison - Bucyrus, OH. Kawasaki
9. Kenny Coolbeth Jr. - Center Hill, FL. Harley-Davidson
10. Chad Cose - Freemont FL. Kawasaki
11. Jake Johnson - Coatsville, PA. Harley-Davidson
12. Brair Bauman - Salinas, CA. Kawasaki
13. Dan Bromley - Warrington, PA. Kawasaki
14. Cory Texter - Willow St, PA. Kawasaki
15. Jeffery Carver Jr. - Alton IL. Harley-Davidson
16. Ryan Foster - Sunnyside, CA. Kawasaki
17. Shayna Texter - Willow St, PA. Kawasaki
18. Jarod Vanderkooi - Mt Garland, OH. Kawasaki

Two racers died from injuries on the track.  Charlotte Kainz and Kyle McGrane were in separate crashes.  Both raced in the GNC2 class.



last edit: 12/10/2016